Posted by Vegreville Minor Soccer Association on Jun 28 2017 at 11:32AM PDT

The Executive Board of the Vegreville Minor Soccer Association, is very excited to pass along this very exciting announcement from the Town of Vegreville.
“The Town of Vegreville continues to work with the community in order to increase and improve the recreational opportunities for our citizens. On May 8 2017 the Town agreed to lease approximately 35 acres out of a parcel of land to the Vegreville Minor Soccer Association for the development of a new soccer park. This park would have 6 full sized fields with the space to expand in the future. The park will be located on what is now vacant town owned farm land west of 60th Street, just west of St Mary’s High School. This agreement will see the future of soccer stabilized and provide the opportunity for increased participation and the ability to grow the sport. The Town of Vegreville is proud to be able to be a partner in this venture.”
With the Town of Vegreville’s approval, and a Lease Agreement signed for 35 acres, the VMSA has decided to start this exciting project this summer. This will become a wonderful opportunity for our soccer families to get more involved within our Association. There will be plenty of volunteer opportunities and fundraising events, as this project will be mostly funded by the efforts of the VMSA through Fundraising, Donations, and Advertising. The VMSA has been applying for both Private Business Grant opportunities, and Government Grants.
The VMSA would like to make everyone aware of the start to our fundraising efforts.
We are offering a chance for families to make a donation to sponsor “our” Soccer Park.
For a $200 donation, the VMSA will provide recognition of the donation that will be permanently mounted and prominently displayed on a “Donation Wall”, located at the soccer buildings on site.
Thank you in advance, and if you have any questions or comments on this or anything regarding the Soccer Park Project, please contact me any time at 780-722-9698 or
Thank you,
Allan Bohrson, President VMSA