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Thank you to Steven Bohrson Carpentry for the New RICHARDSON PIONEER Soccer Clubhouse Addition at the RJV Soccer Park! The addition turned out great and will be appreciated by Players, Parents, Coaching Staff, Referees, Volunteers & Guests for years to come. A Huge Thank you to #Richardson Pioneer for their generous donation! We would not have been able to make the RJV Soccer Park what it is today without the generous support of businesses and individual donors!

Please scroll down on our Main Page to view the video of the “Addition” being constructed! Great video of the hardworking crew!


April 21, 2021: VMSA Covid 19 Update – 2021 Outdoor Season


As you are aware, we are going through a period of many uncertainties and we are doing our best to keep our members updated. VMSA continues to work alongside with our District, Lakeland District Soccer Association and Alberta Soccer Association to organize the 2021 Outdoor Season in the best and safest way for all our coaches, players, parents, and volunteers in accordance with all recommendations and guidelines provided by the Government of Alberta.

VMSA has one specific goal, which is to get your children back out on the Soccer pitches as soon as we can safely do so. I’m sure you can appreciate there are many components to the planning of this Season, so we thank you for your continued patience.

Please see below important preparation information for the 2021 Outdoor Season:

Our registration remains open for all Age Groups at Our “Soccer Registration Closing Date” will be Monday, May 3rd. Parents may choose to “Pay Online” when they register or choose to “Pay Offline” by May 3rd. Please ensure you have your registration forms and all fees submitted by May 3rd, 2021.

Our Soccer Raffle draw date is: June 22, 2021 at the RJV Soccer Park. This will likely be our only fundraiser for this year, and we hope that our Soccer Families will continue to support our raffle. Please contact Shelley at 587-280-0771 or to pick up your book of raffle tickets, unless you indicated on your registration form that you would like me to fill out your book of tickets in Guardian 1’s name and will accept a texted photo of the raffle book in your name. Please ensure you have paid your $100 fundraising fee before you plan to pick up your book of tickets. I will be filling out the tickets this week for the Parents that requested I fill out their tickets on their child’s registration form and will text those Parents the photos. If there are Parents that have not paid the registration fees yet but would like to pick up their book of tickets, please send your $100 e-transfer to and then contact me to arrange pick up.

Alberta Soccer Association has put in a requirement this Season for ALL COACHES (includes every age group including U5) to complete the NCCP online coaching course for the appropriate level. VMSA needs ALL COACHES that have signed up on their child’s registration forms to Coach, to purchase the appropriate age group course below. The courses are all online and VMSA will be reimbursing you for taking this course. All Coaching Staff, including Ass’t Coaches, Managers and Bench Parents must also have a valid CPIC including the Vulnerable Sector Check on file with VMSA. CPICs are good for 3 years with VMSA. If you do not have a current CPIC on file, you will be sent the “VMSA Volunteer Letter” that you need to take to the RCMP to get this check done. Parents/coaches will be reimbursed for taking these coaching courses; please send your receipts to: Shelley at The link for the Canada Soccer registration process is below; click on the course you would like to purchase:

If you coach players aged 4-6, complete: ACTIVE START $20

If you coach players aged 6-9, complete: FUNDAMENTALS $20

If you coach players aged 9-12, complete: LEARN TO TRAIN $30

If you coach players aged 13+, complete: SOCCER FOR LIFE $30

VMSA has always recommended anyone coaching U11+ to take the “SOCCER FOR LIFE” COURSE.

Entry Level Courses are available at the following link: Upcoming Courses – Alberta Soccer

14 & 15 yr olds – Entry Level (Youth Referee)
16+ – Entry Level (District Referee)

Keep your receipts and email them to Shelley at

For the upcoming 2021 Outdoor Season, VMSA will be following the:
8-and-2_Training_2021April-8-updated-Compliance-doc.pdf ( (subject to changes), which is in affect now. VMSA has a “Covid 19 FAQs” document on the front page of our website, which we hope will address most of your questions and concerns. Here is the link:

VMSA would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for your continued patience and support during these uncertain times.

As always, please contact Shelley at 587-280-0771 or should you have any questions.

Shelley Berry
Vegreville Soccer Communications



Vegreville Soccer wanted to touch base on what our current plans are for this upcoming Soccer Season. We are hoping everyone can appreciate how difficult the planning is for this year and wanted to thank you all for your understanding and patience.

Currently AB Soccer has provided us with guidelines for a “8+2 Return to Train” document. We can have 8 players and 2 coaches for each Team with no games. Training only 2 metres apart. The AB Premier has indicated there’s a chance of “easing restrictions” towards the end of May. We attended a Lakeland Meeting today and are looking at the possibility of a “delayed soccer season”; perhaps June & July.

We will be leaving our registrations open with the end date being “To Be determined”. As of right now, please continue registering your children and if you would like to wait to pay your fees, make sure you choose “Pay Offline”. If you want to pay Online, that’s fine too. If you would like to pick up your raffle tickets, then please send an e-transfer for $100 to and contact me at 587-280-0771 to arrange a time for pick up. We will be going ahead with our “Annual Soccer Raffle” regardless, with a draw date of: June 22, 2021. We sincerely hope that our Soccer Families will support this raffle, as it may be our only Fundraiser this year. Funds from Fundraising are used to help keep your registration costs to a minimum as well as pay for the maintenance costs for the upkeep of the soccer park.

Vegreville Soccer will continue to follow all AB Government/AHS/AB Soccer guidelines with regards to Covid 19.

This Season, all players/parents/Coaches/Volunteers will be required to sign Waivers and a Declaration of Compliance, along with the usual Player of Conduct Form. All documents will be sent out once registration is closed and final decisions are made.

Again, thank you all for your continued patience and understanding. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at 587-280-0771 or

Shelley Berry
Vegreville Soccer Registrar/Communications


Alberta Soccer is offering both the Community stream and licensing stream Canada Soccer coaching workshops online for FREE for a limited time. This would be an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a Soccer Coach. Vegreville Soccer encourages anyone coaching U11+ to take the Soccer for Life Course.

If you’re interested in taking one of the courses, please click on the following link, which takes you to the “Coach Calendar”. Then click on the Canada Soccer Community Course you’re interested in taking and you will be directed to the registration page for that course. In order to be eligible for the “practical on-field component”, you must register and complete the online component. You need to be 16 years of age to take any of the courses. Here’s the link:

Courses are as follows:

Active Start (U4-U6)
Fundamentals (U7-U9)
Learn to Train (U10-U12)
Soccer for Life (U13+)



Vegreville Minor Soccer Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting on March 16, 2021 at 7:00pm via Zoom. Please email our Registrar (Shelley) at to register for the AGM. The deadline to register is March 15, 2021. Details for our upcoming 2021 Outdoor Season will be provided when available.

For further clarification; Everyone is welcome to attend the online AGM, but it is NOT a requirement this year to receive a discount on your child’s registration. Due to restrictions, many organizations are having to hold their AGMs online this year. Details about the discount and early registration timeline will be provided within the next couple weeks on our website and on our Facebook Page.

Please feel free to contact Shelley at 587-280-0771 or should you have any questions.